Multi-Currency Payment Gateway / API

Secure way to accept payments in the most popular cryptocurrencies & credit / debit cards.

How Does It Work ?

Start accepting payments fast with easy-to-install plugins for popular ecommerce platforms

Competitive Pricing for Worldwide Business Operations

You can combine all the Landrick templates into a single one, you can take a component from the Application theme and use it in the Website.

  • Next-day funds settlement to account at 1-1.5% additional cost
  • Works with your current payment gateway as a second option
  • Accept Popular Payment Methods Worldwide
  • Your cryptocurrency-friendly Zero-tax agent

Our Comfortable Rates

Start working with that can provide everything you need to let customers pay their way.

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$ 39 /mo
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Is Your Gateway PCI compliant?

We are audited every year to ensure continued security compliance at all levels where cardholder information is transmitted and stored. All data is protected as per the PCI requirements, and we are required to implement the latest intrusion detection, response and systems monitoring technologies.

How Secure Is Your Gateway?

Our payment platforms meet all the industry-standard requirements for systems and data security and integrity. Our systems are monitored round-the-clock via a sequence of advanced and automated alerts.

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